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Romania - Welcome to Romania Tourism, travel, accommodation, vacations, mountain, sea, round-trip, trips, monasteries, maps and photo in Romania width Romanian Tourism.com
  Welcome to Romania

Getting here


a. By air

     Regular and charter flights of Romanian air carriers (notably Tarom, the national airline) or the foreign airlines with offices in Bucharest (KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Swissair, Turkish Airlines, Malev, Austrian Airlines...) connect Bucharest and the world's major airports.
     Romania's international airports are Bucharest - Otopeni, Constanta - Mihail Kogalniceanu, Timisoara, Arad and Oradea.
     Otopeni International Airport in Bucharest is 18 kms from the city centre. Transfers can be made by airport coach or by taxi.
     In the latter case it is wise to agree the price with the driver before beginning the journey. Check with your travel agents. Tour operators can often supply transfers at very competitive rates.

b. By rail

     International express trains connect the main central European capitals with Bucharest, the Black Sea coast and main cities. Romania is a member of the International Railway Tariff Systems RIT and Inter Rail.

c. By car

     The principal access points into Romania are: Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest-Petea E 81; Vienna, Prague, Budapest-Bors E 60 or Nadlac E 64 or Varsand E 671; Trieste, Belgrade-Moravita E 70 or Portile de Fier E 70; Athens, Tirana, Sofia-Giurgiu E 85; Istanbul, Sofia-Vama Veche E 87; Moscow, Kiev, Chernovitz-Siret E 85. All roads are marked in accordance with international regulations.
     Driving is on the right side of the road and overtaking on the left. If you come by car to Romania, bring your driving licence, car papers and green card. The Romanian Automobile Club -ACR and insurance companies are at your disposal for technical and any other assistance for your car.

d. By sea and river

     Cruise ships call at the port of Constanta (on the Black Sea coast), the country's biggest port. Passenger boats also operate on the Danube and the new European riverway Rotterdam-Constanta, including the Romanian Danube Canal-Black Sea, The former calls at the ports of Sulina, Tulcea and Braila and the latter at Drobeta -Turnu Severin and Giurgiu.


Transport within Romania


a. Local city tramsport

Underground trains, buses, trams and trolleybuses in Bucharest have a standard price per journey, irrespective of distance.

b. Taxis

State and private taxis are equipped with metres. Prices are more than resonable.

c. Coaches

Coach services link the important urban centres and cover the whole country. In Bucharest the main coach stations are to be found at 164, Soseaua Alexandriei, 1 Ion lonescu de la Brad, 1 Piata Garii Filaret, 221 Soseaua Chitilei, 141 Pacii Bd., 3 Garii Obor Bd.

d. Trains

An extensive rail network - 11.000 km in total - spans the country.

e. Air transport

Tarom, the national carrier, has flights to major cities. However it is wise to remember that Bucharest is the centre of the network, so a return to Bucharest is often necessary to go to another city.

f. Car rental

Your travel agent can book a self-driven car, on a rent and mileage or unlimited mileage basis. Ask also for car driver, as extremely interesting prices are available.

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