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General presentation


April 1992, Bucharest 

     a) Collective members - tourism companies = 95
     The Board of Tourism Employers' Federation:
     - President : Mr. Daniel Vasilescu - General Manager S.C. MINERVA S.A.
     - Regional Vice Presidents for Moldavia, Transylvania, Muntenia, Black Sea Coast, Banat and Bucharest
     - Field Vice Presidents for hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist transport, spas 
Executive Board:

     - Executive Manager: Mr. Dragos Raducan
     - Manager Assistant: Mrs. Silvia Cosma
     The association is non-governmental, non-profit, politically not involved, based on professional criteria: TOURISM.
     Tourism Employers' Federation/FPT is a member of Romanian Employers' Confederation, which, starting with 1996, is a member of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) based in Geneva.
     The International Organization of Employers is a member of the International Organization of Labor.

     As after 1989 Revolution the centralized economy disappeared, the existence of a new form of consulting and representation in newly emerging tourism companies was a must.
     Tourism Employers' Federation/FPT was created to represent the tourist, economic and juridical interests of tourism companies, no matter of ownership regime (state-owned, private, joint ventures), in relations with central and local authorities, and other institutions from Romania and abroad.
     FPT assists in developing and promoting economic, juridical, legislative policies on behalf and for the benefit of its members, in the context of the rapid changes that take place in Romania.
     On the basis of the experience, knowledge and information of its members FPT is the liaison between tourism companies and the Ministry of Tourism or other ministries, in approaching economic, juridical, privatization, strategy and promotion issues, and helps each member to manage competitive tourism companies.
     The federation collaborates with other similar professional associations and federations from the country and abroad, aiming at developing the Romanian tourism, assisting the state authorities in developing laws in the field of tourism.
     Tourism Employers' Federation is represented all over Romania, within county commissions for social dialogue.
     At the same time, due to its wide representation, FPT is in permanent connection with those involved in the field and in other fields, and informs its members on events, opportunities, initiatives in the travel industry.

     Main activities:
     1. Informing its members: on legislation, economic policies, fiscal policies, commercial policies; evolution of domestic and international markets; market economy management; specialized literature and media, business reunions, experience exchange, fairs, exhibitions, professional contests.
     2. Services: marketing studies and expertise, identifying business and investment opportunities, identifying foreign business partners, commercial and technical assistance; identifying programs and projects to support the members, promoting members interests in relations with local and national administration, promoting a positive image of the members etc.
     3. Represents and protects the interests of the member companies: among discussion partners (government and trade unions), within domestic and international meetings and reunions in the field, in negotiating labor collective contracts in the branch, in solving labor conflicts in order to help the development of travel industry.
     4. Develops outgoing segment of travel industry: information exchange at national and international level, relations between companies and associations, promotes the state policy in the field of tourism investments, assists the members in international economic cooperation, establishes collaboration relations with foreign associations, affiliates to international employers unions, facilitates the representation and participation of its members in international reunions.

     Within the Romanian Employers' Confederation, FPT represents the field of tourism, communicating with other industry sectors and promoting the interests of its members in relations with institutions, such as the Government, the Parliament, the Public Administration at central and local level, confederations, trade unions, mass media etc.
     FPT Policy: promotion and development of tourism, by collaborating with other companies and institutions involved in the field.
     FPT Membership: any company (by its legal representatives) which expresses its will to join the Federation and agrees with the mission statement of the Federation.


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